Create FMEA, Control Plan and MSA simply and safely

Manage PPAP online with LGPD Compliance

totalmente online

Totally Online

No need for investments in infrastructure and training of professionals to maintain the system

100% integrado

100% Integrated

Information shared and fully integrated between Process Flow, PFMEA
and Control Plan

sempre atualizado

Always Updated

Compliance with technical standards
such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001
and ISO / IEC 27001

What is Q1.App?

Understand how Quality1.App will improve the management of your process

The Quality1.App is a 100% web software with more than 14 years in the market that aims to manage, elaborate and store all the data required from the Quality Tools required by the IATF, such as Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Statistical Process Control (CEP) and Systems Analysis of Measurement (MSA).


Check out some features that make unique.

Implantação Rápida

LGPD Compliance

Application in accordance with the general data protection law

Sem Limite de Usuários

Unlimited Users

That's right, register as many users as you want to manage your APQP

Suporte Integral

Full Support

All the support you need to have an excellent experience

100% Customizável

100% Customizable

Ability to add new concepts, improvements and changes



Launched in 2004, we are the first web quality management software!



Infrastructure allocated on AWS associated with WAF and blockchain-based backup systems

“Work is a process, and the whole process has to be controlled. To make work productive, therefore, it is necessary to build the appropriate controls for the work process. ”

Peter F. Drucker

Why Quality1.App?

Let's get to the facts ... Have you been through these problems?

Spreadsheets no longer make sense

In addition to allowing indiscriminate handling of data, spreadsheets do not guarantee the links required by the standard. In Quality1.App, the information between Flow, FMEA and Control Plan is totally interconnected .

Team communication and integration

Based on a manageable flow of notifications, the system informs the progress and deadlines of all those involved in the process. In addition, it is also possible for multiple users to work within the same item.

Knowledge retention

Thinking about the staff turnover within the team, we provide the training of users online, through training in the Distance Learning model (EAD), available for unlimited time.

Focus on what's important

Have more time to dedicate yourself to the quality of your process, leaving bureaucracy, technical problems, backups, availability of information, calculations and formulas on us.

Structure designed for safety

Your data protected, encrypted from end to end and without a headache.


With scalability in mind, our plans are suitable for any type of company.



  • 1 user Registration

  • Knowledge base

  • E-learning trainings

  • 1 simultaneous access

  • 1 active part

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  • 3 simultaneous access

  • Unlimited users and parts

  • E-learning trainings

  • Up to 10 clients

  • Support by ticket and e-mail


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  • 6 or more simultaneous access

  • Dedicated trainings

  • Priority support

  • Unlimited clients

  • Account Manager

  • Advanced integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? See some of the questions they always ask us!

Yea! The Q1 is up dated and the user can choose between the FMEA 4th Ed form and the FMEA - VDA. When using the FMEA-VDA, the Action Priority (PA) is automatically defined by the system according to the criteria defined in the table in the manual. is licensed in the SaaS format, or Software as a Service, it is a model for using software based on the cloud, that is, the system is hosted remotely and must be accessed via the Internet.

We have no limit on users and registrations, whether for parts, customers or suppliers, you can register as many users as you want. The software is based on simultaneous access licenses, which do not limit the number of employees registered in the system.

As it is a web system, the only requirement for the system to work is a stable internet connection, nothing more.

The system is completely web-based, so the user only needs a device with an internet connection to access the software. Anywhere, anytime.
For security and performance reasons, the software should be used through the Google Chrome browser (or equivalent).

Yes. We believe that flexibility is a very important point for our customers, and therefore, if it is necessary to increase or decrease the number of licenses, simply contact the service team and agree on the readjustment in the practiced values.

The support happens through several channels such as Skype, Phone, Email, WhatsApp and even an exclusive tool for Calls with the team, within the Quality1.App itself. We believe that more important than winning our customers, is maintaining them, raising them to the level of partners.

All information entered into the system is placed in PDF forms, which follow the reference manuals translated in Brazil by the Automotive Quality Institute, the IQA.

Yea! And this is one of the differentiators of our software. Our main office, based in Europe, was a pioneer in implementing the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the regulation that gave rise to the Brazilian LGPD. Our system has the resources that guarantee to users and companies, the security of using software that is in Compliance with the LGPD. Your Right to Forget is enforced through our methodology - at any time the customer can request the complete deletion of all their data. When performing the cancellation, our team sends the entire company database (in text format) to the requester, thus guaranteeing their Data Portability Right.

Yes, thinking about the user experience on our platform, we provide user training online through training in the Distance Learning (EAD) model, available for an unlimited time.

YEA. totally free and with all the advantages of our platform. To learn more about the differences between the other plans, visit:

Indefinitely, simple as that!

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